lundi 17 novembre 2008

Where is the reality? / Où est la réalité?

For one time I will write in English because I know I have a great English speaking community following my papercraft effort.

In this picture you will have to find what is real and what is not. Be careful it is not that easy, there is/are some trap(s) because there is/are maybe some effect(s)...
  • First of all you need to list all the objects.
  • Then find what is real and what is papercraft.
Waiting for your comments =)

2 commentaires:

tom barber a dit…

Nice Breasts, are they for Friday nights?

franck a dit…

La plante est fausse, faux cable de souris...
Le reste est vrai !
La moto est douteuse, il me semble que qqu'un a piqué une petite durite